Turn A Heartbreak Into Fuel

September 29, 2020

This is my story on how I went from chasing love to choosing myself. And how I turned heartbreak into fuel to start not only one company but two in Silicon Valley. Let’s start in the beginning before hitting Silicon Valley From Corporate to Startup I was climbing the corporate ladder fast but I haven’t […]

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Angie Carrillo

Entrepreneur, advisor, and futurist. Host of Going Forward Podcast and creator of Forward, Inc. I'm a business coach for visionaries, ambitious women and movers & shakers.

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This is my story on how I went from chasing love to choosing myself. And how I turned heartbreak into fuel to start not only one company but two in Silicon Valley.

Let’s start in the beginning before hitting Silicon Valley

From Corporate to Startup

I was climbing the corporate ladder fast but I haven’t stopped to think if that was the ladder meant for me to be climbing in the first place. For the first time, I realized there is a clear path for us, go to school, university, but after that it’s up to us. I didn’t know what to do next.

Around those times, I received an invitation to go work for a startup at less than half my salary and double the work. I said no. I’m good at math and probabilities. The guy I kindly declined his job offer now is the Country Manager Mercado Libre Mexico.

The startup bug starting growing on me in 2014. I met a guy (yes, most of my stories involve a love story) and he was obsessed with the idea of creating a tech startup. He would read stories about Silicon Valley while on a break from his investment banking job. I had visited Silicon Valley before in 2010 while at UC Berkeley. But it was too early to say if the Uber’s and Facebook’s of the world were going to dominate the world. But in 2014, they were booming and we could see it.

I worked at a strategy team in the pharmaceutical industry and I made valuations and devoured business plans. I used to evaluate Mergers & Acquisitions. When valuations were overpriced like when Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion USD, I could see it, and I wanted a piece of that. So I made a goal for myself to go to Silicon Valley and create a tech startup.

It’s not by chance

One of the biggest lessons life has taught me is that when we have these dreams: it’s not by chance. It’s not by chance you meet the people, that you have those big ideas inside of you. Those things come to us because it’s part of the gift we have to deliver to the world.

My boyfriend at the time had a job offer across the pond in England, and we discussed doing long-distance. Back then, I thought he was my soulmate [way before I met other soulmates]. Long-distance sucks, even if you are a workaholic or an independent human like me. That was the push for me to quit my job.

Chasing love is not betraying yourself

Off I go, chasing love across the world, betraying my heart that was telling me to go to California. After 6 months of living together, the soulmate charm went away. Read You Are Your Own Soulmate Here.

But let’s get on topic. You are probably wondering how can I turn heartbreak into fuel, so here we go.

A Heartbreak is Energy

Allow me to reframe a heartbreak, heartbreak is an energy that inundates your body and makes you just want to cry. In the end, it’s energy. You can use it to bring you down or you can flip it.

You can get a heartbreak from a love relationship or any other relationship ending.

One of the tools from one of my teachers Dean Graziosi is the Success Loop, and this is the tool you can use to turn your heartbreak into fuel.

The Success Loop applied to Heartbreak

If you want to learn about this tool and other tools, you have to Dean’s course KBB, the best online course I’ve taken by far. You can click here and check out my story going through KBB.

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