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Which is the best business for your personality?

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Entrepreneurs have the most stressful yet most satisfying jobs.  however 45% of businesses fail during the first years. Find why some entrepreneurs don't struggle by playing to their STRENGTHS with this simple quiz.

business coach, investor & serial entrepreneur

Angie Carrillo

On a mission to level up the playing field and empower visionary entrepreneurs to create the future.

After founding 2 startups in Silicon Valley, Angie traveled the world working as an advisor for top Fortune 500 companies while meeting top spiritual teachers.

Angie is a graduate from Singularity University, Draper University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and UC Berkeley. In 2019, Angie was named “Next Generation Women Leader” by McKinsey & Co.

I created this quiz to bring clarity on what is the best business for you in a fast changing future. 

- Angie Carrillo

What is your business path to success?

Get clarity about the type of business that is right for you

- Discover your entrepreneur type according to your personality 
- Discover what type of product or service you should sell for the new reality and fast advancing future
- Discover what type of business model you should go into based on your personality and your personal why.

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“the best way to predict the              
 is to create it”

— abraham lincoln


Let's predict by creating your future NOW.

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What's your entrepreneurial type?

Should you focus on being a service provider or a product based business? There is one business that suits you best.

Find out the business model that matches your personality, skills and purpose. So you can start making money playing to your strengths. 

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There is one type of company that suits you best.
Find out what's the business model that matches your personality, and purpose by taking this simple quiz.

What is the best business for you?

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