We aim to inspire you to build a business that you love and loves you back. Unity, diversity and love is at our core. Every episode is made with love.

LOVE: Build a life and work you love and loves you back

FREEDOM: Not being a slave of your work or startup

Joy and peace and abundance of time and money 
Truth, science and research is what we do with this podcast. 

we believe in:

EVOLUTION: the best version of yourself right now

Growing and becoming a better version of ourselves is at the core of everything we do.


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Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

The Only Hack You Will Need

Motivation That Moves The Needle with Kacia Fitzgerald

Will crisis spark innovation? with Danalit Zamalloa

Empower Your Decision Making: Intuition + Technology with Mariana Vasconcelos


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I'm Angie, your new business bff

I love empowering and matching people to create their ideal business to showcase their unique gift and serve this world.

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This podcast it's made with love, for you to move forward with your life and business.  Listen wherever you prefer listening to podcasts and if you love us back leave us a review.

My superpower is helping people and businesses evolve.
 I empower you to create THE business you love and loves you back... with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

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