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My Favorite Guided Meditations

September 17, 2020
Angelica Carrillo


I’ve been meditating since I was 10 years old. Meditation for me it’s not putting your mind blank but exercising your attention and intention.

I’ve had times in my life when I was high on meditation and took it very seriously and other times when I’ve taken breaks and not meditated at all.

I can meditate for hours or just do a few minutes in the bathroom after I wake up.

I’ve gathered the best-guided meditations from all types. If you like backed by science or you like the woo-woo or you are like me in the middle.

My Top Meditations

If you like backed by science


I use my Muse wearable every day. It’s a wearable to measure your brainwaves in your meditations. All the meditations I recommend I’ve measured with the Muse. Oddly the meditations from their app score the lowest with the Muse.

So, I started looking for more and now what I do is that I use Muse with one my phone and with my other phone or computer I would put the music or guided meditation of my preference.


Brain FM

I’m trying this one. I like that they have a science-first approach and test against placebo effects to create music that affects your brain differently.

They give a free trial here: https://www.brain.fm/

Kelly Howell

She is a pioneer in guided meditation and binaural beat frequency audio technology. Her meditations are not my favorite but scored high with my Muse. I listen to her audios while working. It gets me in a state of consistent flow.

This is the one I use while I work https://amzn.to/2ymPVs6



I really like their breathing exercises whenever I couldn’t focus to meditate. I would do a round of breathing in and out with Calm. If you are starting I would highly recommend to be patient with yourself and just breathe.


If you are in the middle

Dr. Roger Walsh

I’ve done Dr. Roger Walsh Buddha Meditation while reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and It was incredible. I highly recommend this one. My uncle who was a new meditator (a-week-old) liked this one too.

Dr. Roger Walsh is a professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology, he has studied psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and medicine, and he is a professor in the religious studies program at the University of California at Irvine. He understands both sides, spirituality, and the science, and has decades of research. Link

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Since I found out about Dr. Joe Dispenza I’ve reviewed all his books and meditations. You can get them on Amazon Music. And I love how he combines his research on neuroscience with old traditional meditations and explains you what happens in the brain. Do yourself a favor a learn more about him.


Waking Up by Sam Harris

Waking up App has a lot of research and I tried it as well. I enjoyed the lessons on Mindfulness but I don’t do the meditations from this app. It makes me sleepy. I love what he is doing regardless.


If you like the woo-woo

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

This is where I learn to meditate over 10 years ago. I was part of this Spiritual University for over 4 years. When I went back to re-learn to meditate I went back to their meditations in the link below.

All their courses and meditations are free.

They go very deep into peace and the meditations are short. I’m deeply grateful to have had them as teachers, but I don’t subscribe to their religion or any religion. They are doing great work in the world and I try to visit and keep in touch once in a blue moon.


Anna Wood

I like the Highest Vibrational Meditation she refers to your limitations as coats. During this meditation, you take off the coats and it’s great exercise. I like this particular meditation, however, I don’t subscribe to her views, and I only like this meditation from her. For this meditation, you need to subscribe to her newsletter.


Nancy Reluz

Last but not least, my favorite guided meditations are from Nancy Reluz. She calls them exercises and reminds me of going to the gym for my mind. She is an energy healer and a life coach, she combines coaching and empowers you to heal yourself from inside out. She takes ancient knowledge from Peru, Mexico, and Marruecos and makes it practical. Working with her has shown me she is the best energy healer I’ve worked with.


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Fueled by passion, and too much coffee. I'm here to help ambitious founders, and entrepreneurs create their perfect business. Grow your business, your network and your net worth.








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About angie
Fueled by passion, and too much coffee. I'm here to help ambitious founders,  and entrepreneurs create their perfect business. Grow your business, your network and your net worth.