“Find Your Purpose” Is Wrong

October 1, 2020

The Self Help Industry Don’t Want You To Know: Find Your Purpose is Wrong. Your Purpose Is Not Lost. After Simon Sinek “Start With Why” became popularized, everybody advises you to start a company with your personal why? The next thing they ask themselves is How Do I Find My Why? How I Find My […]

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find your purpose is wrong
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The Self Help Industry Don’t Want You To Know: Find Your Purpose is Wrong. Your Purpose Is Not Lost.

Find Your Purpose
Find Your Purpose is Wrong

After Simon Sinek “Start With Why” became popularized, everybody advises you to start a company with your personal why? The next thing they ask themselves is How Do I Find My Why? How I Find My Purpose?

Oprah, In The Path, Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose” mentions that “The simple act of asking, what is my purpose? on the internet has the power to elicit nearly 1 billion responses”.

But what the self-help billionaire industry doesn’t want you to know is that your purpose is not lost or misplaced. Unlike my keys, your purpose cannot get lost or found outside yourself. You are your purpose.

Your Purpose Is With You

Your purpose has been with you all along, it’s with you at this present moment. And at any moment you searched for it.

If you are waiting for a Big Eureka moment, a revelation, a coach to help you discover your purpose, you might wait all your life friend.

You are your purpose, that thing that lights you up, those activities that time goes by and you get lost. Your purpose is usually right there in your nose. You just can’t see it because it’s so natural for you.

Find Your Purpose in 5 simple questions

Adam Leipzig claims you can find your life purpose with these 5 simple questions, and from those only 2 are really about yourself:

Who are you?

What do you do?

The three other questions are outward-facing questions, which means focusing on who do you serve.

Who do you do it for?

What do they want or need?

How do they change, as a result?

Living Your Life On Purpose

Living a life on purpose is to understand where is your life heading.

Overachievers try to plan the route. I’m going to go to this high school, to this university, get the best grades, get that job, get my masters. They have the route figured out. But, is the destination clear?

In other words, why do you want to achieve those things? When they are in their fifties, and they have already achieved those things they spiral down into a lack of purpose and realized all their lives were living in autopilot.

The Millenial Trap: Do What You Love

Most people think that if you do something you love you will not work any other day in your life. For example, I love traveling, so being a travel influencer, I would be doing what I love for work.

I got brand deals with hotels. I got paid to travel. But if the work you do doesn’t match with your why. No matter how fun “the how” “the work” is you won’t be fulfilled.

The times my work has felt like vacation is not only by doing something I love and I’m good at. It’s when I do it for the people I love to serve.

Finding Flow in Your Work

It’s not about either working hard hustling or not working at all and exit out the economic circle. If you work hard for something that gives you the energy, that challenges you, that’s flow. If you work hard doing something your skills are below the challenge, that’s stress.

Your purpose is bigger than your career is why you exist in this world. And you are already fulfilling it by existing and you might not realize it. It can be done through the things your friends ask you for help.

Your strengths are your tools. And we all come with the tools we need to fulfill our purpose. You might be already living a purposeful life and you just haven’t acknowledged it.

If you made time to read this post, you have time to ask yourself those 5 questions. And if you liked this article you will love Business as a Tool for Developing Your Spirituality.

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  1. […] purpose is that you need to find it. The truth is that you don’t need to find your purpose. Your purpose is not lost. Unlike my keys that I constantly misplace […]

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